PE Sound  


Dave Brewer










Dave Brewer is one of the most original recording artists 
to come along in years.  Dave's blend of virtuoso acoustic 
guitar work, combined with his powerful vocal performances 
make every track come to life.

In the late '90s Dave further innovated his own unique style 
of building layered, multi-tracked songs IN A LIVE 
PERFORMANCE.  Many of the tracks you'll hear on PE 
Sound are live performances.  Dave uses a combination of 
acoustic instruments, percussion, vocals and looping pedals 
to build a song "from scratch" in front of and engaging his 
audience -- no loops are pre-recorded and each song becomes 
a truly unique performance.

Dave can be heard regularly on I95 radio, Danbury, CT and 
can be seen performing in a variety of venues across CT, 
NY and Washington D.C. where he currently resides.

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